Tax Collector

Trevor Crow

It is my honor to be representing the Greenwich DTC as their candidate for Tax Collector. The opportunity to serve the people of Greenwich as Tax Collector would be my immense privilege. I am excited and thrilled to fight for the full, fair and equitable collection of taxes for the people of Greenwich!
        Tax collecting is at its roots the most granular aspect of running our government smoothly and efficiently. Collecting taxes pays for our schools, law enforcement, our roads, open spaces and more.
        My unique background combining 18 years of private practice in family therapy with a Harvard Business School degree qualifies me to understand not only the financial aspects of tax collection, but the emotional impact of taxes on a family and the community as a whole.
       Please support my candidacy by donating to the DTC and be sure to vote on November 2nd!

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Your contribution to the Greenwich DTC will help support my campaign!