Greenwich Democrats Deliver Real Results

Greenwich Democrats have made our town better, be it through keeping our Mill Rate low, fighting back against Republican-driven budget cuts for our children, or for protecting the rights for every one of our neighbors to enjoy everything this special place has to offer. 

It takes Democrats to get the job done. Here's how.


On Education 

BET Democrats prevented more than $1.7 million in Board of Education cuts that were instigated by their Republican colleagues since 2018.


On Taxes

BET Democrats gave us a 0% mill rate increase in FY2018-2019. They also voted to reduce the proposed mill rate increase to 2.75%

BET Republicans, on the other hand, voted against the measure.


On Town Finances 

Tax Collector Howard Richman has been doing his job and doing it well, helping to lower property taxes for everyone.  


Howard’s opponent is on record telling delinquent taxpayers there are no consequences if they don’t pay.


On Small Business

First Selectman candidate Jill Oberlander and Selectman Sandy Litvack will establish an Economic Development office to reach out to local businesses.