Announcement of Caucuses for Endorsement of Candidates for Membership
On the Greenwich Democratic Town Committee


To all Greenwich Democrats:

We invite you to consider running for membership on the Greenwich Democratic Town Committee (GDTC) or attending your district caucus so that you can help select the members.

The GDTC is the official body of the Democratic Party in the Town.  Among other things, it endorses candidates to be the Democratic nominees in municipal elections and in state assembly elections for districts that lie entirely within the Town.  It participates in the endorsement of candidates for elections that involve both Greenwich and other towns and cities.  The GDTC also provides support to Democratic candidates in elections at the federal, state and local level.

In 2020, the GDTC will have 100 members (increased from 75), all to be elected at the upcoming caucuses for a two-year term.  Members will be selected from the Town’s voting districts in proportion to the number of registered Democrats in those districts.  The number of members to be elected from each district is set forth in the table below.


All registered Democrats are entitled to attend and vote at the caucus for the voting district in which they reside and to seek endorsement as a candidate for the GDTC at such caucus. 


The GDTC expects its members to attend monthly GDTC meetings, work on GDTC committees, participate actively in campaigns, and do other work to support the GDTC and the Democratic Party.  Any registered Democrat who is willing to do so should consider seeking endorsement for membership on the GDTC.  Candidates can simply nominate themselves at the caucus, and they can be nominated by someone else if they are not able to attend the caucus.

The caucuses are quite simple.  Typically, between 15 and 30 voters attend, of whom a dozen or fewer typically seek election.  (We are trying to increase those numbers, especially because we just increased the number of members.)  The chair asks those interested in running for membership to nominate themselves and speak for a minute or so on why they want to be a member, their background, or whatever else they think appropriate.  After the presentations by the nominees, a paper ballot is conducted with each voter being entitled to vote for as many candidates as there are open positions.  The candidates with the most votes, up to the number of open positions, are the “endorsed” candidates.

Under state law, those endorsed for membership at the caucuses become members of the GDTC unless they are challenged in a primary election.  Those endorsed at the caucuses have in all recent elections become members of the GDTC without a primary.

The table below provides the date, time, and location of the caucus in each district.  If you do not know the number of your voting district, your polling location is included below or you can look it up it here.  If you have questions about your district or anything else, please contact me at


                                                            Joe Angland

                                                            Chair, Greenwich Democratic Town Committee


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*The polling location is provided simply to help people determine which district they are in.  The caucuses will be held at the indicated caucus locations, which may or may not be the same as the polling location for any district.