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From Leslie Moriarty, BET Democratic Caucus Chair: Speaking for the 6 BET Candidates, we are humbled and appreciative for the broad support we have received.
         We choose to volunteer our time and talents to make Greenwich the kind of town we want to live in.
One where:

          • The needs of the children in the public schools are met with effective teachers and classroom   

             supports in accessible and updated school buildings;

          •  Appropriate fire coverage is available to all our residents and businesses.

          • Town services provide a safety net for residents in their times of need.

          • Town facilities keep people safe and engaged — from the libraries to playing fields to bicycle

             paths to parks and beaches.

          • Real long term planning is implemented to prepare for the future —to address the impacts

            of climate change and the Town’s increasing capital investment requirements.

          • Good financial management accomplishes these objectives with the lowest possible tax rates.  
          Your Democratic BET candidates are committed to these goals, but we need to win back control of the BET to accomplish them. We will need your help to get the message out that BET elections matter. Your contribution to the Greenwich DTC will help support our campaigns. Thank you again for your support, and we will see you on the campaign trail.

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal
U.S. Senator Chris Murphy
U.S. House Representative
Jim Himes
CT Senator Alex Kasser
CT House Representative
Steve Meskers



As Democrats, we are committed to effect social and economic justice by advancingour values and priorities.

Special Election Today!

I am honored to be the Democratic endorsed candidate for the 36th State Senate district. Earning the support of my fellow Democrats has been exhilarating and I'm ready to go!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the campaign!
Thanks to your immediate support and generosity my
campaign has qualified for the Citizen's Election Program.
Your                           to the Greenwich DTC will also help support my campaign!


                                The Special Election is today! Here's how you can help Alexis become our next State Senator:

                                 VOTE (if you are in the 36th District) either by absentee ballot or in-person. In-person voting takes

                               place today from 6am to 8pm. CONTRIBUTE to the Greenwich DTC to help them support my 

                            campaign. Paid for by Alexis Gevanter for State Senate, Emily M. Gordon, Treasurer.

Approved by Alexis Gevanter

Thank you, Alexis!

“Alexis ran a great campaign and has a bright future in the Democratic Party.

She has so much to offer the Town of Greenwich and the State of Connecticut

She is an articulate and passionate voice for Democratic principles.”

GDTC Chair Joe Angland

“Alexis Gevanter ran an excellent campaign, knocking on thousands of doors, having direct conversations with voters about the issues important to them. Alexis did surprisingly well in a Republican-leaning district. The loss is tough, but we are so grateful for Alexis’s leadership, and eager to see what she does in the future."

CT Democratic Chair Nancy DiNardo

                                                        I entered this race because Connecticut is a great place to live, work, and raise a

                                                        family. I wanted to make it even better by doing what I’ve always done which is

                                                        to listen, bring people together to find common ground, and deliver results.
We didn’t have much time to get our message out in this brief special election, 

                                                        but I am so proud of the campaign we built together and everything we did accomplish. I want to thank everyone who voted for me and everyone who volunteered, knocking on doors and making phone calls...My commitment to the very values that make our community the inclusive, kind, and caring place we are all proud to call home has never been stronger. Alexis Gevanter