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DTC Statement on League of Women Voters


The Republican candidates, and the Greenwich Republican Town Committee to which they have surrendered their debate decision-making, have abdicated their responsibility as public officials and as candidates seeking public office. Click here


BET Republican budget cuts are shortsighted.

Stephen Selbst, Democratic member of the Board of Estimate and Taxation, says the Republican cuts will cost the Town more in the long run. Click here


We have to act.

President Biden speaks to the nation about the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Click here

What are we doing? Click here

Senator Chris Murphy's remarks on the Senate floor about the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.


Roe v. Wade on the Brink:
Protecting a Woman's Right to Choose is Critical
Click here

Who would oppose EpiPen affordability? Click here

About the Central Middle School Closure Click here

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